About the Lu Ban Foundation

The Lu Ban Foundation is focussed upon the:

  • Supporting all aspects of food education for employers, employees, teachers, lectures, pupils and students
  • Subsidising learning via funds raised from donations and tips* and contributions from the sale of popular dishes
  • Creating learning content via associates and friends of the foundation to support specialist knowledge
  • Actively promoting and supporting the hospitality sector to help achieve the global target of Net Zero Carbon emissions.

We also believe in the strength of and bonds with our community, so we work hard to create opportunities to help independent businesses or groups.

Ways we Help

Direct Support

Teacher Support and Training

Lu Ban Foundation offers support to Teachers and Lecturers in Schools, Colleges and Universities through CPD, direct training and student support.

Food Demonstrations

We offer schools, colleges and universities opportunities to enhance their learning through interactive demonstrations to both teachers and students.

Carousel of food learning

Working with you we will create 4 separate sessions, one delivered in each of the private rooms. Each session will be a different topic and be as interactive and fun.

Support through business

The Academy delivers training to students around the world including the worlds only recognised qualification in Chinese Culinary Arts.

Delivering Tianjin and authentically inspired Chinese Food that delights and surprises to great guests across the North West and beyond.

Offering authentically inspired Tianjin cuisine to people all around the UK through our Heat at Home, Cooks Boxes, Seasonings, Rubs and Cookalongs.

Support to our community


Supporting the Liverpool Community with the chance to sell, buy and get delivered products and services that are all brought to you by independent businesses in Liverpool.

WellFed Boxes

Helping our communities learn about and experience quality food with our take-ins. Each food box (including our chinese boxes) offers families a chance to learn how to cook famous takeaways