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About Lu Ban Restaurant

Lu Ban Restaurant serves food inspired by the Chinese region of Tianjin.

Creating inventive dishes, respectful of Chinese food culture and tradition is Lu Ban's Executive Chef Dave J Critchley's passion and together with his team they develop innovative menus, using local and seasonal ingredients.

The stunning restaurant in Liverpool is open Thursday to Sunday each week, offering a range of small and large plate dishes, set menus, and weekend bottomless brunch. A full wine, beer and cocktail list is available to accompany your dining experience.

Lu Ban Restaurant, Cains Brewery Village, Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5XJ.

Christmas at Lu Ban Restaurant

Chef Dave Critchley and his team are making sure that you will enjoy a very special Christmas this year at Lu Ban.

Festive menus are served from Thursday 24th November - perfect for friends, families, Christmas parties and business diners.


What's On Offer


Available from Thursday 24th November

£49.50 per guest for a 3 course dinner.

Make your reservation now or visit the Lu Ban Restaurant website to see more.


Available from Thursday 24th November

Choice of Starter

  • YIN AND YANG HOT AND SOUR SOUP 阴阳酸辣汤 - Traditional hot and sour baby vegetable soup
  • SMOKED SALMON AND RADISH 萝卜熏三文鱼 - Salmon, winter radish, pomegranate, and mandarin
  • JASMINE SMOKED ULVERSTON PORK RIBS 茉莉熏小排 - Smoked Middle White pork ribs with a sweet, garlic, ginger and sesame glaze
  • KUNG PO CAULIFLOWER 宫保菜花 - Crisp battered cauliflower, peanut, Chinese chive, red chilli and spring onion

Choice of Main (served with rice and greens)

  • TROUT TOBAN JIANG 豆瓣酱鳟鱼 - Pan roasted fillet, wok fried greens, toban jiang and green onion oil
  • PORK AND PINEAPPLE 菠萝肉 - 18-hour master stock roast Ulverston pork belly, caramelised pineapple, ancient recipe sweet and sour, peppers and green onion
  • TEA SMOKED DUCK BREAST 茶香鸭 - Duck breast, tamarind, star anise and plum sauce (Supplementary charge 4)
  • SMOKED TOFU “BUDDAH DELIGHT” 罗汉斋熏豆腐 - Smoked silken tofu, wok tossed vegetables, wild mushrooms, garlic, ginger, Shaoxing wine and soy sauce

Choice of Dessert

  • WHITE CHOCOLATE SPHERE  白巧克力球 - White Chocolate sphere, whisky caramel, Christmas pudding ice cream
  • YOU TIAO DOUGHNUTS 油条 - Chinese doughnuts with five spice sugar, ginger caramel sauce
  • POACHED TIANJIN PEAR 津式焞梨 - Green tea and vanilla set custard with poached pear walnut brittle, green tea meringue

Book For Christmas

Looking to organise a Christmas Party?

Whether you are looking on behalf of your business, family or friends, if you are dining with a larger group, Lu Ban Restaurant can take care of you.

Why not visit our dedicated Party page

How to find and contact Lu Ban Restaurant

Find Us

Lu Ban Restaurant
The Courtyard
Cains Brewery Village
Stanhope Street
L8 5XJ

Tel: 0151 315 8888

Keep in Touch

How does the Restaurant Support

Donations from Service

The Team at Lu Ban Restaurant Liverpool are passionate about Chinese Culture and Chinese Food as well as providing the right service and atmosphere for all of our guests to have an amazing time at Lu Ban. To help educate those who wish to know more, our staff are donating 2.5% of all of their service charges (tips!) to the Foundation. We think this is an amazing act and we hope you join with us in helping add to the funds that will help make a difference.

Donations from Dishes

Lu Ban Restaurant is proud to support the education of culinary skills and food to our community and beyond and for certain dishes, Lu Ban Restaurant will make donations to the Foundation that will pay to support those who wish to learn more about Chinese Culture, Chinese Good and food in general.